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Ordering Questions

Which product should I choose, Temporary or Permanent?

How many decals per kit?

What is included with each order?

Are the lettering sold as individual letters or a decal kit?

I'm not sure what size letter height to order, how do I pick the right letter height for my tire letter kit?

Can Muscle Tire Lettering produce white wall or color tire wall kits?

I don't see my tire brand in your shop, how can I order?

Application Questions

My Permanent Raised Rubber Tire Letter Kit included a glue bottle that is not full, is this enough glue for my order?

I'm having trouble getting the letter kit to stick, what's going on?

Do I need to sand the tire sidewall prior to application?

Does the wheel need to be balanced after installing a tire letter kit?

Cleaning, Removal & Replacement Questions

How do I clean my lettering kit?

Will lettering come off with car wash or power washing?

I lost a letter from hitting a curb, can you replace this?